Day Trip
From 9.00h - 15.00h

EUR 80.--
Sunset Fishing
From 15.00h - 19.00h
min. 7 Pax
EUR 60.--

All Trips Include
Fishing Rod, Bait, All Fishing Equipment, Water and Beer, Coke and Fanta, Sandwiches and Fun

If you are interested in different hours check with our charter section or .

Trolling is a technique where we pull lines with live or artificial baits at different distances behind the boat. We start the trolling just outside the harbour of Puerto Rico. In the shallow waters you can catch different types of tuna, wahoo, dorada, mackerel, bonito and other kind of fish. Once we are in deeper waters we change our bait and go for the bigger ones, such as blue marlin, white marlin, different kind of tuna and much more. Once you have hooked a big one the action can start
We will assist you in landing your fish. We have two fighting chairs available. One in the front and one in the back of the boat.

Bottom Fishing

On these trips we have a combination of trolling and bottom fishing. On the way to our fishing spots we will trolling between 1 and 11/2 hours. Once we are on our spot we will drop anchor or tie on to one of our buoys. Then the fishing can start. We have different techniques to catch some fish. You can use live bait out of our tanks or dead bait. We will show you the different techniques and guide you through the day. On the bottom you can catch wahoo, tuna, sharks, rays, dorado, mackerel and lots more. This trip is also a very good for kids and spectators. You can enjoy a day out at sea and see the action on board.