These are the fishes we are catching every day. We will update the pictures at least once a week.

Dear Customers,
You might have wondered why you haven't seen photos of Stingrays and Sharks on our website under  "Catch of the Day". This is because there are some people trying to destroy our business. These people have complained to the Ministry of Fishing that we kill all Stingrays and Sharks that we catch. The single fact of seeing a photo of a tourist holding a Stingray or Shark on a gaff, seems to be prove enough for them, that these fish have been killed. Everyone of you who has been with us on the boat knows how we work.
We put the gaff in the mouth of Stingray and Shark, hold it up for a quick photo so the customer doesn't get stung or bitten, then hook comes out of mouth and we release the fish back in the sea and they all survive!!!!  As a matter of fact that these people have complained about us proves they have no clue about what we are doing. So we have to wait for our lawyer to sort this out and until then there will be no more pictures off Stingrays and Sharks published on our Website.
We apologise for the inconvienence and hope for your understanding
Best Regards Barakuda Dos Fishing Crew
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